Fully Bespoke Bedrooms

A recent comment by a customer :-

“The thing I LOVE about your furniture, is that I can just sit and look at it like it’s a piece of art”

This, for us, is exactly the kind of reaction and response we strive for.

A bedroom should be relaxing, but at the same time, whilst being practical should also be seductive and welcoming.

For those with very unusual rooms or requirements – or those who want an entire bedroom made to cabinet maker quality, from raw materials – we can supply some of the most beautiful hand made kitchens available today. We have a huge amount of vision and will frequently suggest ideas which very few manufacturers would dare to attempt.

These have included curved forms and use of the most exquisite burr veneers and highly exotic timbers – all from sustainable FSC approved sources.

Clearly with such a variety of designs available, it is essential to talk in detail about your requirements – and most of these rooms come about as a result of several consultations – growing organically as a result of excellent communication.

Please call us today for further information.

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